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Nursery Water – Reviewed By Parents Just Like You

Mom feeding baby cereal

Trusted by parents for over 70 years, this isn’t just any regular water. Purified using steam distillation, this process removes impurities in the water. Next an infusion of ozone is added to remove any remaining bacteria so you can add it to formula or a sippy cup with confidence. We checked it out ourselves and loved it. But don’t just take our word for it…

This is what our parent testers thought of Nursery water!

The Nursery water helped a lot during our daily routine. It took about 10 days to use the 2 bottles. My 7-month old daughter eats solids 3 times a day with her formula. I used the Nursery water to mix her cereal, formula (4x 7oz bottles per day. I use 1 can of concentrated liquid formula with equal amount of Nursery Water) and to fill her sippy cup. I like the peace of mind that the water is safe and distilled many times for my baby. My daughter seems to like the taste! This product is also perfect for traveling. I am planning on purchasing this product for our family vacation in a few weeks.Ashley W., Quebec

I think it’s a great time saver and my baby, who is an older infant, enjoys drinking it as I also enjoy using it to mix with concentrated formula. Tanya G., Ontario

Very easy to use, it’s perfect for mixing formula in it. Great quality and it made my routine easier and faster to do. I love this product.Sylvie L., Quebec

The product was great. It saved so much time! It would be nice if the lid for the container was screw on instead of pop off, make it easier for transporting. Also if they came in smaller bottles for bringing on an airplane for example.Jessica G., British Columbia

I found the bottle size convenient so as to last long enough and to be easy to carry and pour with a little one in tow. As we travel it is nice to take with us as well and know we have safe drinking water for the baby but also potentially for everyone in the family. – Brandy J., Ontario

Using Nursery Water made me feel safe and secure when allowing my baby to drink it. Knowing that it was put on shelves specifically intended for babies made me feel a lot more confident in using the product. I like the size that the bottle comes in and the price is very reasonable! It is a little hard to pour, however. I am small in nature. Other than this issue, I have absolutely no complaints about this product! My baby seemed to like it and it’s still as healthy as he was before! That is all that matters! Health & Safety! I will definitely purchase this product after the wonderful experience to test for free! Again, thank you so much for this opportunity!Crystal C., Prince Edward Island

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