21 quintessential Canadian activities to do this summer

From coast to coast, here are 21 things to do and see right here in your own Canadian backyard.

Best Road Trip Apps for Summer Adventures

Hit the road, jack. And while you are at it, don’t forget to download these handy road trip apps when you pack your sunglasses, snacks and favourite travel mug. Your smartphone or tablet can help you remain organized, connected and entertained during your road trip through Canada or the US—and...

Tips & Tricks for Spring-Cleaning Your Child’s Car Seat

Spring has sprung and while many of us are starting to do our Spring cleaning indoors, you might want to think about freshening up your child’s car seat.

5 Long Road Trip Tips

Road trip time! When the road is wide open and boredom is unleashed, make the most of family excursions in the car with these tips.

30 things to do at the beach this summer (that you probably didn’t think of)

So, you want to take a trip to the beach, huh? Here are 32 sandy activities that you maybe (possibly) didn't think of.

6 family-friendly, low-crowd travel destinations

While there’s definitely a time to schlep kids around packed theme parks (hey, Mickey!), some trips call for less busy beaches and cities where families can take in the sights, take a load off and  avoid the masses. We know you need a break.

Take An Educational Trip As A Family

Kids LOVE days away from the classroom with their teachers and fellow students—that goes without saying. But is a learning experience disguised as a vacation with parents and siblings in tow just as fun? Educational trips, or edutrips, are definitely cool, and there are plenty of reasons to plan one the next time you travel with your brood.

5 ways to help you and your child cope while you’re away

Being away from your kid isn't easy. But it's important for parents to manage their pre-trip anxiety to make it easier on both of you.

The ultimate guide to visiting Myrtle Beach with kids

Myrtle Beach has been the no-fuss vacation destination for generations of Canadians. Here are our expert tips on conquering it with kids. 

5 Best Caribbean Resorts For Young Families

Yes, you can stay at a resort that understands the needs of young families with kids clubs, babysitting, kid-friendly food, entertainment and more. Here are our fave Caribbean resorts for families with babies and toddlers.

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