Connie Jeske Crane


How Dads Are Updating The Script On Fatherhood

It wasn't so long ago that fatherhood had a straight-up Don Draper mentality. Now, more and more dads are flipping the script on their expected roles, taking paternity leave, being stay-at-home dads and pushing away breadwinner expectations.

Deciding the safety norms for your family

Your child may be perfectly safe unsupervised, but are you? When other parents disapprove of your free-range style, know what’s allowed.

Why kids are dropping out of organized sports

Too much pressure, pushy parents and not enough fun are just a few of the reasons.

Why making time for humour can help you be a better parent

All that worrying over the mortgage, the consistency of the baby’s poo, where to buy a good lice comb – it can drain the humour from our very souls.

A look at the secret lives of parents who smoke

Kicking the habit is hard, but is the growing disapproval of smoking making it even harder for parents?

Does your child need cardiac screening?

Two summers ago, our son, then seven, complained of chest pains and a headache after winding down an active day with some friends. We found out our healthy, athletic, Energizer-bunny of a son had a heart condition.

9 Ways to get the most out of your child’s check up

You’ve got a lot to pack into 10 or 20 minutes of face time with your child’s doctor, but making those visits a positive experience is good for everyone’s health.

Spend one-on-one time with your kids

Spending time with your children – one-on-one – creates a powerful connection.

Sleep tight? Bed bugs bite

North America is battling a nasty bed bug resurgence.