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Valentine’s Day Gifts Parents Will Love

It doesn't matter if it's a gift for your love, a gift for your pal or a gift for yourself. Here are our fave Valentine's Day goodies.

What Not to Say to a Single Parent During COVID

When my marriage fell apart 18 months ago, I felt a lot of big things: grief, grief and more grief, fear, relief, worry (oh so much worry), hope, sadness, anger…I could go on and on. And in the months that followed, I felt like I was on...

Here’s everything you need to know about getting a vasectomy or tubal ligation

Sooner or later, most couples make a decision about closing the family unit, because who wants to keep using birth control like the Pill or condoms when the problem can be solved permanently?

My Husband Took Parental Leave and Faced Questions

As more and more fathers opt to take parental leave, social views are s-l-o-w-l-y changing. But the result—a stronger parenting team—is worth the few odd stares.

7 signs you’re obsessed with your phone (and how to fix it)

It can be hard to admit your phone habits are problematic. But if the aforementioned signs hit home, consider taking these steps. It’s time to get well.

Cutting to the chase: Is getting a vasectomy right for you?

Getting a vasectomy is a big decision. Here's some tips on what to expect and how the procedure works.

14 things to watch on Netflix this August after the kids are in bed

Ready for adult screen time? We’ve picked our fave movies and shows from Netflix’s newest additions.

The case for putting your marriage before your kids

Parents often feel pressure to put their kids first in all areas of life, but writer Stacy Lee Kong learns why prioritizing your relationship with your partner is good for the whole family.

ParentsCanada Sex Ed Report

Everything you want to tell your kids about sex but are afraid to.

Ask Dr. Marla: Mental Health and Contraception

I am bipolar. Is the new Mirena contraceptive okay for me? I really don't want to tie my tubes, and we are done having kids (we have two). My husband doesn’t want a vasectomy either.

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