Rosalind Stefanac


Tips for raising a multilingual child

If you’re concerned that exposing your children to multiple languages as toddlers will affect their speech or comprehension when starting school, don’t worry.

Do older siblings have too much influence on younger ones?

Almost all younger siblings have the innate desire to mimic their older sibling. While we can't expect older siblings to parent their younger brothers and sisters, they can be positive role models. Here's how.

Bringing history to life in Baltimore and DC

Who knew learning on a road trip could be so much fun!

It’s time for an updated drug talk with your kids

With so much talk about legalizing marijuana, it’s time for the drug talk again.

Phoenix a perfect family reprieve from winter’s chill

Here are some great ways to explore Phoenix with the family.

Tips to remember for kids who forget

As your kids get older and take on more responsibility, they will still need reminders.

A Philadelphia Story

We booked a long weekend and packed up the car for the nine-hour drive. My family had never been to Philly, and as the first world heritage city in the entire U.S, our curiosity was piqued too.

Creative parent, creative kids?

How a creativity course jump-started one mom’s inspiration.

Montebello Resort

Located on the Ottawa river, about an hour’s drive from the nation’s capital, Montebello houses several small inns and B&Bs.

Tiny village of Montebello packs a punch for families

I’d never heard of Montebello before a colleague suggested it as a “drive-able” option for a winter family vacation. Neither had anyone else I’d asked. But it turns out this little village in western Quebec, with a population of 1,200, is a mecca for activity seeking families and rock stars alike.