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4 ways to help kids cope with needles

It’s always tough to see your little ones get shots at the doctor’s office, but we’ve got tips for helping with the discomfort.

Reese’s S’mores

Less of a recipe and more of a new way to enjoy melty chocolate, roasty mallow and crumbly graham crackers, we will be making S'mores with a chocolate peanut butter Reese's cup on repeat.

My toddler is suddenly stuttering

I was greeted at the airport after a week-long trip and noticed something immediately. In the seven days I had been gone, my two-and-a-half-year-old had developed quite a stutter.

Baby & Child Care Encyclopedia – Read it Now!

This resource is created in partnership with Canadian health care experts, to give you so much of the important info you need...

Annual Guide for New Parents – Read it Now!

ParentsCanada - Annual Guide for New Parents   If you’re expecting a new addition (or if you’ve just welcomed...


A Toy’s Story: How Toys Are Developed, From Concept to Playroom

We toured the Fisher-Price head office to learn more about how toys are developed, giving new meaning to the term “a toy story.”  When we walk into toy stores, we see shelves of toys each promising to entertain and educate our children—this one helps with fine motor skills, that one teaches the ABCs, this one helps your baby learn to crawl. Every toy, it seems, has some sort of developmental purpose, some way of enriching a child’s life. So, what exactly goes into how toys are developed and how do toy manufacturers know that this koala is going to teach...

Astrology for kids: What to expect from Leo

Born between July 23 and August 22, Leo is a fire sign that is big-hearted and loves to be the centre of attention.

Pulled Pork Tacos

At-home tacos don't need to come from a box. We let the slow cooker do most of the work for this easy pulled pork taco recipe.


10 Tips For Picking Great Baby Names

The name you choose is your baby's for life. Make it a good one. No pressure, right? These tips can guide you in picking great baby names.

9 Tips for Getting Ready for Baby

It’s a good idea to prepare for giving birth relatively early, as some women will go into labour sooner than expected. Here are a few ways to get ready to welcome your new little one.

Dealing with gender disappointment

Feeling sad that you’re expecting one gender when you’d hoped for the other? Experts say there are ways to manage your feelings.


What To Expect When Your Baby Starts Walking

Learning to walk is a process. Your baby will start by "cruising" along furniture with their hand on something to steady them. From there comes tentative steps. Get ready, your little one is on the move.

10 ways to boost your child’s brain power through play

Play is not only fun for your baby, but it’s good for brain development, too.

Establishing Baby’s Bedtime Routine

Young babies have different sleep habits. By six months, there should be a fairly predictable sleeping pattern, including one or two naps during the day and a good stretch of sleeping at night. Here's how to create good habits and bedtime routine.

Newborn Care How-To’s

Congrats on your new baby. Many first-time parents haven’t had experience around infants, but they learn quickly by following some of these techniques.


Tips for raising a multilingual child

If you’re concerned that exposing your children to multiple languages as toddlers will affect their speech or comprehension when starting school, don’t worry.

Helping A Reluctant Potty Trainer

Potty training can be tricky. Even though it's frustrating, the most important thing you can do is be patient and wait for your child's cues.

Why some germs are good for toddlers

Toddlers should be exposed to some germs. In fact, boiling pacifiers and overly sanitizing can sometimes do more harm than good. Go ahead, jump in that mud puddle.

Is Your Kid A Hoarder? Tips For Helping Them Let Go

The word 'hoarder' might set off alarms, but hoarding isn't unusual behaviour in kids. Learning to let go is a life-long process.


The benefits of sharing a bedroom

For many parents, each child having his or her own bedroom is ideal. But sometimes it’s not possible, nor even preferable. Don’t sweat it. There are lots of benefits to bunking together.

Is it OK to kiss your kids on the lips?

So, is kissing your kids on the lips gross or OK? Two parents and an expert weigh in on this contentious topic.

Helping Kids to Process and Communicate Difficult Emotions

Identifying, processing and communicating feelings can be really hard—especially when the emotions are difficult or complicated. Enter Feelu, a wellness app for children.

How To Prepare Kids To Bathe Alone

Get those cute bath pics in now—one day soon they’ll be asking for privacy. Here’s how to get them ready and keep them safe.

School Age

What You Can Do to Help in the Fight for Reproductive Rights

On June 24, 2022, landmark US reproductive rights case Roe v. Wade was overturned. Read on for how to help fight this human rights issue.

40 must-do summer activities

Summer time and the living is easy. Well, maybe not so easy with kids, but hopefully a bit more laidback. Behold, your essential summer activities checklist. (If we could add a checkmark emoji, we would.)

5 Screen-Free Ways to Use Your Smartphone This Summer

Smartphone use isn't all bad, folks! Here are five non-screen ways for your brood to get fun out of your phone this summer.

Step by Step Hair Tutorial: Unicorn Hair with Hair Chalk

With a little help, kids can rock this non-permanent, no-bleaching-required rainbow-bright hair using chalk. Anyone can be a unicorn!

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