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Why are there so many September birthdays?

Why are there so many September birthdays? - Parents Canada

Ah, Virgo and Libra season.

You might have noticed that everyone and their mom seems to have a September birthday. There’s so many parties to go to and presents to buy during the already busy fall month.

September is the busiest month for births in general, but the bulk of them happen between the 9th and 20th. In fact, September 9 is the most common birthdate in the U.S.

But why, though?

Well, if you look at the calendar and trace back about nine months, you’ll land on a little time we like to call the holiday season. We’re looking at you, New Year’s Eve.

The champagne was probably bubbling, there were feelings of good cheer and the hope of a better year to come.

So, on September 9, be sure to wish all your friends a happy day and make it weird by asking what their parents were up to on New Year’s Eve.

Originally published in September 2018.

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