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Can you potty-train in three days?

The three-day method requires scheduling three days of no plans at home and watching your child for signs.

The key to successful toilet training

What to do when your toddler is afraid to go.

Potty training tips

Here are some handy tips to help you with potty training your child.

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Everybody poops, just not in the living room

Everybody poops. Just not in the living room.

Elimination communication: An alternative to potty training

We have been successfully practicing Elimination Communication (EC) with our daughter since she was about eight-weeks-old. Practise EC and skip stressful potty training altogether.

Urine trouble

Amid the many memories of my son’s first four years, the disasters related to his poop and pee (does 'excretion' really sound any better?) are especially vivid. There was the yellow sleeper he ruined with a blowout poop at two months old. I tried frantically to mop up the liquid...

The Bottom Line: When your child won’t poop on the potty

So you’ve finally had success with the first step of toilet training – your little one happily goes pee in the potty, wipes, pulls her pants back on, and is back to the races. But when it comes to poop, it’s another matter. You’ve tried everything from bribery and persuasion...

Toilet Training Before Verbal Skill Development

For some families, toilet training comes early. The stinky perils of diapers and potty training are something that we usually accept is part of raising a child. But a movement of dedicated parents is starting to skip that step, learning to interpret the signals that their child has to poop or...

Timeout with Nanny Robina: Readiness For Toilet Training

Question: My toddler shows no signs of wanting to potty train, yet at time she can go all night without voiding. She will also tell me when she voids or has stools but is hesitant to have her diaper changed even then. Should I initiate potty training? Answer: I believe your daughter...

Ask Dr. Marla: Soft Bowel Movements Affecting Potty Training

Click here to submit your question for consideration by Dr. Marla. My daughter Sophie is two years old. She has been having very soft bowel movements that border on diarrhea for at least three months. We tried taking her off dairy and eggs and saw no difference. The...

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