Q&A with the Vagina Coach: Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Health and How to Do Kegels Correctly

World Continence Week runs annually in late June, to raise awareness and to help eradicate the unnecessary stigma that surrounds incontinence and pelvic floor health. Many people, especially those who’ve given birth, suffer from varying degrees of incontinence. We laugh about peeing when we sneeze, but many of us...

Top 4 Challenges Parents Experience While Supporting Teen Mental Health

ParentsCanada and Common Compass conducted a survey asking Canadian parents to identify current challenges and concerns about their pre-teens and teen's mental health. Here are the findings: Sleep is a top concern, with 52.5 per cent of parents worrying that their children were going to bed too late or not sleeping...

8 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts

Get dad what he really wants this year (hint: it's probably not socks). We've got everything you need for every type of dad.

Fun & friendship are waiting for her at Girl Guides.

Girl Guides is a place where girls can discover fun activities together with friends. From scavenger hunts and science experiments to sharing new dance moves and exploring her community, she can try whatever it is that sounds fun to her at Girl Guides.

6 Tasty Burger Recipes

Burger time is the best time. Year-round, but especially in summer's swell. We rounded up our fave patties from veggie to beefy to turkey with a nod to the holidays. Grab the squishy buns!

Strawberry and White Chocolate Frozen Cheesecake with Basil Sugar

A definite recipe project, this strawberry cheesecake has many steps but the reward is a delicious and intricate summer flavour burst.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Lemons sure know their way around a loaf. The classic tea cake is punctuated by poppy seeds and finished in a silky glaze.

9 Awesome Gifts for Mother’s Day

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, or dropping hints for your own gifts, our guide should inspire some great ideas!

My lesson to young girls: Don’t fear failure, embrace it!

Megan Doherty, Technical Specialist and DigiGirlz Lead, Microsoft Canada  "I don’t think she’s ready for that," a parent said to me as her daughter stopped reaching for the dancing robot we had on display. At the time, I was presenting programming workshops for kids...

Kids can help make the internet a safer place

From toddlers to teenagers, our children have easily become some of the most tech-savvy members of our households. With that in mind, adults have a responsibility to guide their kids’ internet habits and warn them about potential dangers.