What’s on Netflix Canada this July

Netflix is ready to show off this summer with a ton of original content. Ann M. Martin's The Baby-Sitter's Club gets a new spin and so does Unsolved Mysteries. Remember that one? There's well-loved shows back for their new seasons and new movies to curl up and enjoy as a family.

Episode 45 – June 24 – Prenatal Health

From the moment the second line appears, pregnancy is an overwhelming experience. This week we're talking all about prenatal health. Dr. Hinal Sheth joins us to help address some of the most common pregnancy questions and concerns.

Episode 44 – June 17 – Regression in Kids Due to the Effects of the Pandemic and Lockdown

Regression is a normal response to what is happening in the world, it does not mean you are failing as a parent. Our hosts chat with Tania DaSilva on the best way to comfort our kids during these times.

Episode 43 – June 10 – The Motherhood Penalty

It's the penalty that a woman pays in her career to have kids. It becomes harder to get promoted, the wage gap increases. This episode our hosts and guest discuss and there's a lot to sift through.

Episode 42–June 3–Introducing Race to Kids

Our responsibility as parents is to raise children who will leave the world better than they found it. Talking about race and privilege is a huge part of that. An expert certified in Workplace Diversity and Human Rights Training offers suggests.

Episode 41 – May 27 – Healthy Eating and Picky Eaters During the Pandemic

Picky eating is tricky to navigate at the best of times, but throw a global pandemic into the mix and things get a whole lot more complicated. Our hosts and registered dietitian Adrianna Smallwood discuss best practices, for parents and kids alike.

Episode 40 – May 20 – Children’s Safety and Privacy in the Digital Age

The World Wide Web is a big place. This week our hosts Katie and Jason tapped expert Doug Morton for tips on keeping kids safe online.

Episode 39 – May 13 – How this pandemic can help to shape a generation of innovators

In this unprecedented, difficult time, we’re all glued to the news and the numbers, as well as concerned for how our children are handling…well, everything. STEM education expert Jennifer Flanagan shares her thoughts on how the pandemic could actually foster innovation in our kids.

What’s on Netflix Canada this June

Summer, is that you? Welcome the season with some hot picks and more nostalgic classics than you can handle. Parents, you're going to be excited to watch these as a family.

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