Fun Family-Friendly Destinations

Summer's end is in sight but that doesn't mean the vacation planning needs to end too. There's still time to squeeze in a local road trip (who doesn't love a last hurrah?) or to book a getaway to look forward to this fall.

Go back to school naturally with Homeocan

Back to school is an important time in the life of a child. To avoid small ailments that come with going back to class, we've rounded up these natural remedies perfect for kiddos and parents, too.

14 best brunch recipes

Here's to the weekend and nice, leisurely meals with the ones we love. With everything from sweet to savoury, we've got all the recipes you need to get the party started. The only thing you need to ask is, "wanna do brunch?"

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New year, new backpack. Head back to school in style with one of these cool packs.

How to babyproof your home

While it's not possible to make your home completely baby-proof, there are lots of things you can do to make it as safe as possible.

Episode 10 – August 14 – Families and food

Radio host and chef Lori McLorn joins the conversation to talk all about how food is the centre of so many families. Her show, Chewin’ the Fat, is a station favourite.

11 school lunch ideas that aren’t sandwiches (OK, maybe one)

The thing about lunches is, they have to eat them every day. Which means you need ideas to keep things lively. Behold, our fave school lunch ideas.

Episode 9 – August 7 – Competitive parenting

Parenting sometimes feels like an on-going competition. Join the conversation on competitive parenting.

Parent Guilt and How To Deal With It

Simply put, parental guilt means different things to different people—and the reasons for it are as varied as parents themselves. For some, guilt surfaces when a notable kid-related milestone is missed, while for others, not having the time to create nutritionally rich meals can cause it to rear its ugly head.

Episode 8 – July 31 – Are we going too far to make childhood magical?

In the age of fairy gardens, Elf on the Shelf and over-the-top Pinterest birthday parties, the question is whether or not it’s too much.