Do Babies Dream? And 10 Other Newborn Questions Answered

Now that your little bundle has arrived, welcome to the baffling world of parenting and searching for answers to random questions for the rest of time. We’ve got the answers to 11 newborn queries you’ve no doubt already considered. Do babies dream? You’re bound to notice smiles, sighs, twitching limbs or...

ShiShu Creations Baby Coverall Weaning Bib

With the ShiShu Creations Baby Coverall Bib, you'll no longer have to worry about a messy, wet baby. You'll never be nervous about stains and spills on your little one’s outfits after they’ve finished eating.

McDonald’s Introduces a Canadian First: The Carrot Happy Meal

This summer, a new Happy Meal will be thrilling a new generation (and probably many of their parents, too).

5 Reasons to Potty-Train in the Summer Months

Most experts agree that the biggest factor in teaching kids to use the toilet is readiness, and if your child shows enthusiasm for the transition the season won’t matter. Here are some of the reasons why it’s definitely simpler for you if the toilet trial-and-error happens in the summer.

14 Pretty Nature-Inspired Baby Names

We've got pretty floral baby names that might be a good pick (see what we did there?) for your sweet babe.

10 Amazing Indigenous Children’s Books to Add to Your Child’s Library

In honour of National Indigenous History Month, we've rounded up 10 incredible Indigenous children's books about Indigenous culture, by Indigenous authors or acknowledging the Indigenous experience in Canada. With the recent discoveries of unmarked graces at residential school sites across the country, adding these books (and so many others!)...

Camilia*: a solution to help cope with baby’s teething ailments

Relieving baby’s teething: understanding it and coping with it A trial time for parents, teething, generally accompanied with fussiness, is not only uncomfortable but may also be painful. However, there are various solutions to help moms and dads deal with this stage and make...

Grilled Vegetable Quesadillas

When summer brings the scorch, don't turn on the oven. Instead, turn to the grill to make a classic quesadilla studded with grilled veggies and a swipe of hummus.

40 must-do summer activities

Summer time and the living is easy. Well, maybe not so easy with kids, but hopefully a bit more laidback. Behold, your essential summer activities checklist. (If we could add a checkmark emoji, we would.)

Yuzu Blueberry Sorbet Cake

This indulgent yuzu blueberry sorbet cake is a dairy-free riff on ice cream cake. Don’t be intimidated by the 2½ hours it takes to make this recipe—most of that time is hands-off while the cake is freezing, leaving you plenty of time to chill, too.