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Help Kids Manage Anxiety and Get Improved Sleep

Nobody likes to see their kids struggle with feelings of stress or anxiety. We have some tips on kids well being and improved sleep.

Hair-brushing tips for all hair types

Keeping your toddler’s locks neat and tidy can be tricky. Here’s how to banish tears and keep those dreaded knots at bay.

What It Means To Celebrate Pink Shirt Day

On the last Wednesday in February, we wear pink. Here's why: At least one in three Canadian kids has endured bullying. Pink Shirt Day is a movement that's made waves across the globe, this is how it started.

Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids of All Ages

To coincide with Children’s Dental Health Month, we asked registered dental hygienist Anaid Deti to share her best oral hygiene tips for kids from babies to teens. Oral hygiene is a priority the moment your baby is born (yes, even before they have teeth!) and it’s important to create a...

An Age-By-Age Guide To Kids And Romantic Love

Kids begin developing an understanding of romantic love at an early age. Here’s the lowdown on what love means to kids at different ages.

15+ Black History Month Books For Kids

These books touch on tough topics that remain pertinent today. Read them with your kids to help start a conversation during Black History Month and beyond.

5 ways to throw an outdoor winter birthday party

An outdoor winter birthday party can be just as fun as a summer one. Sure, it might be a bit colder, but there's still plenty of fun to be had. Here are our fave ideas.

Five Tips to Help Your Kid (and You!) Learn Code

We asked teachers from across Canada for advice on how parents can help kids learn code. Here are five tips from those in the know.

How to manage your child’s sleep schedule during the fall time change

Fall back? More like fall back asleep. Here's how to help your little one adjust to the time change.

Expert Tips on Helping Kids Excel at Distance Learning

We know it seems tricky to master, but your student can ace working remotely. Here’s how.

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