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Three Edible Solutions To Help With Teething Pain

Three Edible Solutions To Help With Teething Pain - Parents Canada

Tasty teething remedies: 3 edible solutions to help with teething pain.

Teething comes with a mixed bag of discomfort for little ones including pressure below the surface of the gums, pain when a tooth finally erupts, and rashes on cheeks and chins from excess drool. Add in interrupted sleep due to teething symptoms and, needless to say, this developmental stage can make for some pretty cranky kids (and exhausted parents!).

There is good news, though. First, teething doesn’t last forever. The symptoms come and go, and kids usually have the majority of their teeth by the time they turn three. Second, there are lots of things you can do to help—including giving them yummy treats they’ll love. Read on for three edible ways to help with teething pressure and pain—including an innovative new product from Gerber®.

1. Frozen fruit can be a lifesaver. 

Offering your little one safe things to chew is essential when it comes to teething. When they clamp down on the item, it pushes back on the gums, which eases the pressure they feel. Frozen fruit is a great solution for kids who have started solids because, in addition to being firm, it’s also cold, which feels nice on inflamed gums. Strawberries and peaches are excellent options, but be sure to always keep an eye on your baby while they’re mowing down; even very large and easy-to-grasp chunks can pose hazards. Note: This can get messy because the fruit eventually melts and gets soggy. Strip your little one down to their diaper and do a frozen-fruit session just before bath time.

2. Make popsicles with healthy ingredients.  

Smoothies are a great way to get extra nutrients into kids of all ages, but they do double-duty for teething babies when frozen into popsicle molds. The cold offers relief for angry gums, and you can easily add ingredients to the blender to get more good stuff into them. Throw a handful of kale or spinach into a berry smoothie, or try avocado in a green smoothie with apple and banana. Have your little one enjoy a popsicle in their high chair, though; it can get messy, plus a little one toddling around with a popsicle mold handle in their mouth isn’t the best idea.

3. Give Gerber® Soothe ’N’ Chew™ Teething Sticks a try.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, edible solution that encourages baby-led feeding and meal- and snack-time independence, look no further. These yummy, apple-strawberry or banana flavoured sticks (now available in Canada!) offer relief for sore gums, both at home and on the go. Designed by feeding experts, babies six months and older can easily grasp and hold onto the stick, and the outer texture is perfect for massaging gums as your little one chews. Many parents are concerned about the materials used in commercial plastic or wooden teething aids, but this is a teething solution option you can feel good about—Soothe ’N’ Chew™ Teething Sticks are made from wholesome grains and other carefully selected ingredients, with no added salt. Plus, they’re individually wrapped so they are easy to pop into a diaper bag or purse.

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Gerber® Soothe N’ Chew™ Teething Sticks

Teething is one of those things all kids and parents have to get through, but with creative solutions like these, it can be less painful for all (pun intended!). Gerber® Soothe N’ Chew™ Teething Sticks can be given to little ones while seated and supervised, and they work for little ones with or without teeth. For more information on the product line, check out https://www.nestlebaby.ca/gerber-soothe-n-chew-banana.

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Gerber® Soothe N’ Chew™ Teething Sticks
Gerber® Soothe N’ ChewTM Teething Sticks should only be served to a seated and supervised child.  For more information on how to use Soothe ‘N’ Chew TM check the box that it is packed in.

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