Tracy Cooper

Tracy Cooper is a writer, editor and fact-checker in the Toronto area. Reading a book or newspaper with a hot cup of tea is her favourite thing to do — next to binge-watching television shows with her hubby, hanging out with her two girls, and walking her Labrador Retriever. By the way, the daughter you read about in 'Mommy Diaries' is now a teenager!

Mommy Diaries: Worrying is a waste of time!

Eye colour and height aren’t the only traits that can be passed down.

Raising Mary: The struggles of the fib phase

Tracy Cooper tells us about how her daughters are moving through their fib phase.

Raising Mary: How to let go when you need to let go

Our street is the shape of a capital P, with our house near the bottom of the straight line. One day, I suggested to Mary that she ride around the loop by herself.

Movie Night with the Kids

In our family, we love watching movies. Tom and I often check out a film after the kids go to bed. Our girls – Mary, seven and Adelaide, five – love to see a movie together. And we love to take in kids’ movies together, all four of us.

With all that movie-watching, our Netflix is busy!

Raising Mary: Keep your child’s extracurriculars under control

This year, Adelaide turns six, so she will be old enough to take two classes, like Mary.  But this would mean five-and-a-half hours at the studio on Saturday. Instead, we are considering a class or two on a weekday after school.

Raising Mary: Are road trips part of your family’s life?

We have passed on our love of road trips to Mary, seven, and Adelaide, five, with our annual trek to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It’s 15 hours each way.

Raising Mary: When your kids expect parents to entertain them

Like all mothers, I’ve always got stuff to do. But every so often, my kids don’t. While I’m busy with something, one of them will mosey over, looking sorry for herself.

Raising Mary: Some kids like affection, while others don’t

"Another hug, Mommy.” I’m dropping seven-year-old Mary off at school, and we’ve already hugged and kissed each other’s cheeks four times.

Raising Mary: Sometimes fighting that protective instinct is better than fighting

When Mary was just 14 months old, I got a taste of my protective, maternal instincts.

Raising Mary: Do our gender ideas influence our kids?

Try as we might, our own stereotypes are hard to suppress.