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Five Questions You May Not Think to Ask Daycare Providers

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Daycare is a fraught issue for most families. In addition to the expense, finding daycare can feel like a full time job. So many people end up taking the “more is more” approach and getting on as many waitlists as possible. If you’re deep in the daycare dilemma, you probably already have a set list of questions to ask daycare providers, but consider adding these lesser-considered queries to your conversations.

Can my baby nap on their own schedule, or do they have to adjust to the centre’s schedule? Some smaller daycares will take cues from your baby and put them down for a nap when they’re tired, but others will want your little one to adjust to the centre’s routine. If the latter, ask for a copy of the daily schedule so you can be sure you’re okay with naptimes and work to get your babe on the same schedule before starting daycare. 

What is the fee schedule?

Some daycares allow you to pay once, usually at the beginning of the month, while others want to be paid weekly or bi-weekly.

What is the policy for sickness? 

The majority of daycares will require 24 hours without fever or other symptoms before a child is allowed to return to daycare programming.

Will I get a report on my child’s sleep and meals each day?

Some daycares generate a report recalling a child’s day, which can be helpful for parents for navigating dinner and bedtime.

Are stat holidays and any other vacations taken into consideration for fees? 

Most daycares bill the same amount month over month, regardless of whether or not there is a statutory holiday or other vacation closure. If you remove your child from daycare for any extended reason—family vacation, illness, bereavement, etc.—it’s likely that you will need to continue to pay the fee in order to hold their spot. But some daycares have policies to allow for a pause in an emergency, so it’s worth asking.

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