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9 Best Baby Products in Canada

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When my girls, now eight and 11, were babies, I was a research machine. I had my finger on the pulse of all the latest developments in parenting, from the most recent sleep guidelines to best-in-class strollers and car seats. (I like to think it was the journalist in me but it’s possible that this is just my personality. My friends and family would probably say the latter.) These days, I’m researching how to deal with super-stubborn third graders and whether or not you should roll your eyes at middle schoolers over here. 

But a few weeks ago, I also became an aunt for the fourth time (my first nephew after three nieces!). And because this little peanut arrived much earlier than expected, I was thrown back into the baby days to help my sister research the products she still needed to buy before he comes home from the hospital. I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of my favourite items are still tried and true, while also getting a glimpse of new gear that I wish I’d had way back when. 

Now, with my sister’s shopping list sorted, I figure the ParentsCanada audience should benefit from my compulsive research tendencies, too (as if you’re all my siblings!). Read on for nine can’t-miss baby items to add to your household. 

Easy Wrap Moby Carrier 

Babyessentials wrap 1920x1280 - 9 best baby products in canada

My kids basically lived the first year of their lives snuggled in the Moby wrap. Whether we were out for a walk or I was attempting to do dishes or run the vacuum, they were never happier than when I was wearing them. But, while I still pledge allegiance to the Moby, I will say that there was a learning curve to using the wrap properly. I can’t be the only one with this complaint either, because they now offer an easy-wrap carrier, which combines the closeness of a wrap with the ease of a carrier. Same cuddly outcome, much easier usage. $80,    

Munchkin Sparrow 

Munchkin sparrow

In my new parent days, I hated every stroller I tried. I lived in a second-floor walk-up, and they were either too heavy and cumbersome, or too flimsy and unreliable. Enter the Munchkin Sparrow. This ultra-compact folding stroller would have been the stroller of my dreams at just 13 pounds, with its super-smart folding design.  $270, and other retailers 

Frida Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator 

 Frida snotsucker nasal aspirator - 9 best baby products in canada  

Okay, this one totally grossed me out when my kids were tiny but it actually saved the day (well, usually the night) on numerous occasions. Babies and toddlers can’t blow their noses, obviously, so when they get congested, they turn into tiny, snotty, uncomfortable, crying creatures. The nasal aspirator allows a parent to suck the snot out of their child’s nose using their own mouth (through a long tube with a filter, don’t worry) to provide relief. Seriously, it’s genius. $23, 

Kolik Gripe Water 

Kolik gripe water

I bet my kids would recognize the taste of gripe water even now, all these years later. This fast-acting, natural product helps to relieve the discomfort associated with gas and colic, including cramps, upset tummy and hiccups. Formulated with fennel and ginger, this is an old-school remedy that I’ve seen work its magic time and time again. Available in both traditional and alcohol-free formulas. $7, 

JuJuBe Diaper Bag 

Jujube diaper bag - 9 best baby products in canada

I had a love-hate relationship with my diaper bag for the first few months after my oldest daughter, Sophie, arrived. I liked the pockets that were designed for things like bottles, diapers and pacifiers, but I found the whole bag hard to lug around. It was heavy and never stayed on my shoulder, plus it was too cutesy for me. I swapped it for a regular ol’ knapsack by the time Soph was six months old. I love that there are so many more knapsack options now (like this one from JuJuBe!), with all of the things you want in a diaper bag but in grown-up patterns and colours. $90, 

Skip Hop Celestial Dreams Activity Centre 

Skip hop celestial dreams activity centre - 9 best baby products in canada

There’s nothing more fun than watching your kids figure the world out. I still feel that today, when Sophie or my youngest, Juliette, notice or discover something new. I had an activity centre like this one when they were tiny and it was a godsend on numerous occasions. Look for an option that has lots of sensory play, from mirrors to crinkly fabric to features that make noise. $110, 

 Rougier Ihle’s Paste 

Rougier ihles paste - 9 best baby products in canada

When Sophie was about 14 months, she got the diaper rash to end all diaper rashes. I tried everything to get it to heal and nothing—and I mean nothing—worked. Eventually the receptionist at her pediatrician suggested Ihle’s paste. It’s diaper rash cream on steroids. I bet you could spackle walls with it in a pinch. This stuff, used in conjunction with a prescription cream for a few weeks, finally got the rash under control. I then used it with the girls for years afterward. $10, 

Diaper Genie 

Diaper genie signature pail

There’s a reason Diaper Genie is the gold standard in diaper disposal systems. Invented in the mid-1990s, it seals dirty diapers inside the container to avoid terrible-smelling nurseries. When it’s full, it can be easily emptied without releasing any odour. I didn’t have one of these until Juliette was born, and it changed the diaper-changing game. It was so much easier to toss and rotate the system than it was to wrap the diaper and carry it (and the baby!) downstairs to the appropriate garbage. $70, 

CST Savings 

Cst savings logo

This one might seem like a bit of an outlier because it isn’t an actual, physical product, but when I think back to those early baby days, I can’t believe I actually managed to remember to set up at RESP. I got a statement in the mail the other day and, after more than a decade of contributing, I’m so pleased with the growth. I love that you can customize your savings plan with CST, too, to suit your goals and your budget. 

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