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3 proven ways to set your daughter up for success

3 Proven Ways To Set Your Daughter Up For Success - Parents Canada

Set your daughter up for success - parents canada

We all want the best for our daughters. For them to grow up to be resilient and confident girls, feeling like they can achieve anything—while doing it all on their own terms. But what’s the secret formula? While there’s no magic bullet, there are things you can do to make it much more likely she’ll grow up strong and succeed at whatever she puts her mind to.

Give her a space that’s just for her

One of the best ways you can give your daughter an edge is by letting her participate in activities that are designed just for her. There’s plenty of evidence that girls shine in girls-only, girl-friendly and girl-driven spaces such as Girl Guides. Kids in Girl Guides get access to a supportive, safe space where they can try new things, figure out their leadership styles, bond with other girls and just be themselves, all with the support of positive female role models. It’s an environment where girls feel free to talk openly about their experiences, thoughts and feelings, knowing they won’t be judged and don’t have to hold back.

Give her a space to take age-appropriate risks

When girls have self-confidence and a safe space, it’s a whole lot easier for them to stretch their limits. At Girl Guides, girls get to experience that rarest of things — a girls-only, pro-girl environment where she is allowed to take the kinds of safe, age-appropriate risks that parents are comfortable with, and that build confident girls. It’s the kind of place where your daughter can try new activities, learn from her successes and failures, build new skills, and experience the thrill of figuring things out herself, in the company of other girls.

Give her a space to try, fail, try again and succeed

In an accepting and judgement-free zone like Girl Guides, girls can seek out challenges, try new things even if they might fail, learn from their set-backs and feel confident to dust themselves off and try again. Through thoughtful and positive risk taking, your daughter will learn more about herself and get the ever-important message that she can try and do anything she wants. Talk about a skill that will totally translate into the rest of her life! And when she succeeds? Her self-esteem gets a major boost.

We’re a parent’s partner in building confident girls

Challenges and bumps in the road are a reality for everyone. Throw in the not-so-insignificant factor of gender inequality, and it can seem like today’s girls face more hurdles than ever before. Something as simple as giving your daughter a safe, supportive, all-girl space like Girl Guides can make a huge impact to her belief that she can achieve whatever she puts her mind to, and give her the confidence to build the skills to get there.


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