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Top Baby Names In 2023

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Here’s what we’ve found so far from real-time lists of top baby names in 2023. 

Whether you’re searching for on-trend names for your baby—or finding which names to avoid—popular baby names are taking an interesting turn in 2023.

Popular Baby Girl Names

In keeping with recent years, names that end with ‘a’ still dominate the charts, e.g., Olivia and Ella. Strong, heroic-sounding names are also on-trend for baby girls, such as Aurora or Harper. We also like Najat, which means “saviour,”  found in a Canadian top-10 list via  CharliesNames.

While not in the top-10 (for now), a notable rising trend for girls is what Good Housekeeping calls “grandpa names.” They cite Bobbie, Drew, or Frankie as options.

Popular Baby Boy Names

For baby boys, Liam and Noah still reign supreme on multiple popular name lists. However, there’s a rising shift toward cowboy culture names, according to BabyCenter, such as Wyatt and Stetson. Nameberry highlights the name Royal as a top baby name in 2023, with an eye toward the hit Amazon series Outer Range starring Josh Brolin as rancher Royal Abbott.

While we’re not yet far enough along in 2023 for an official annual list, here’s what we’ve found from three different top-10 baby name lists that claim real-time stats:

Top-10 2023 lists for girls:

BabyCenter CharliesNames Nameberry
1. Olivia 1. Sophia, Sofia, Sofïa 1. Luxury
2. Emma 2. Nastassja, Nastasya 2. Aurelia
3. Amelia 3. Charlotte 3. Maeve
4. Isabella 4. Emilia, Emmilia, Emylia 4. Eloise
5. Lily 5. Emma, Ema 5. Alice
6. Luna 6. Amilia, Amylia 6. Aurora
7. Aurora 7. Olivia 7. Isla
8. Charlotte 8. Najat 8. Luna
9. Mia 9. Sophie, Sofie 9. Ophelia
10. Sophia 10. Ella 10. Iris

Top-10 2023 lists for boys:

BabyCenter CharliesNames Nameberry
1. Noah 1. Liam, Lyam 1. Aire
2. Liam 2. James 2. Royal
3. Oliver 3. Jax 3. Soren
4. Ethan 4. Amiro 4. Theodore
5. Elijah 5. Elliot, Eliott, Elliott 5. Silas
6. Leo 6. Theo, Théo 6. Felix
7. James 7. Ethan 7. Atticus
8. Lucas 8. Nolan 8. Cassius
9. Mateo 9. Izaac, Isaac, Isacc 9. Oliver
10. Aiden 10. Thomas 10. Hugo

Check back again soon for updates as 2023 unfolds!

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