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What are some strategies for maintaining a healthy relationship when life and parenting can be all-consuming?

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Maintaining a healthy relationship amidst the demands of raising a family is no easy
feat. It requires intentional effort, communication and prioritizing each other’s needs.
Here are some strategies to help you and your partner keep your relationship top

Prioritize quality time: Make a conscious effort to spend quality time together, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day. Schedule regular date nights (be sure to put them on
the calendar!) or time for activities you both enjoy to nurture your connection. That could even be as simple as watching a show you both enjoy together, or doing an activity such as hiking or a ski weekend.

Focus on communication: Regularly checking in with each other about your feelings,
concerns and needs can help to keep the communication channels open. Practice active listening and empathy to better understand each other’s perspectives.

Share responsibilities: Divide household and parenting responsibilities to prevent one
partner from feeling overwhelmed or resentful. Working together as a team can help you
feel more connected to your partner.

Maintain individual identities: While parenting is a significant part of your life, it’s easy to sometimes forget that you are also individual people with your own interests, hobbies and friendships outside of your family unit. Allow each other to set aside time for self-care and to pursue activities that bring each of you joy and fulfillment outside of your role as parents and partners.

Set boundaries with technology: Nothing can come between your relationship like a
screen! Limit the impact of technology on your relationship by establishing boundaries
around screen time and digital distractions. Make a conscious effort to disconnect from
devices and prioritize face-to-face interactions with your partner.

Seek relationship support when needed: Seek support from friends, family or a
counselor when navigating challenges in your relationship. Having a supportive network
can provide valuable perspective and resources to help you overcome obstacles together.

Practice gratitude: Take the time to express appreciation for your partner’s contributions and acknowledge the effort you both put into maintaining your relationship amidst the demands of life and raising a family.

Keep romance alive: Keep the spark alive in your relationship. Show affection through
physical touch, words of affirmation and thoughtful gestures to remind each other of
your love and appreciation.

Originally published in March 2024. 

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