3 fun ways to keep your family active this winter

It’s tempting to want to move your workouts indoors in the winter, but there are lots of ways to get exercise outside when the temperature drops. (And trust us, your kids will want to get in on these activities, too!)


Ice skating is a great, low-impact way to get your heart pumping. It’s good for your joints, your core and your stress level. Take the kids out for a spin at your local rink, or go out for a higher-intensity, solo skate.


Any parent who has dragged a sled up a snowy hill on repeat knows how much of a workout tobogganing can be. Look for a hill with a gradual side and a steep side: Let the kids slide down the sloped side and climb up the other to up the ante on your sweat session.


While this activity requires a bit of an investment (snow shoes start at about $40), snow shoeing is an awesome, low-impact workout the family can do together. There are many groomed trails in Canada just waiting for you, and some ski resorts also have snow shoeing as an option.

Originally published in the Winter 2018 issue

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