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6 Easy Recipes Using Rotisserie Chicken

plate of noodles with chicken and celery in recipes using rotisserie chicken

We get it. Making and prepping meals umpteen times a day is a pain in the neck. Which is why we are always in favour of picking up a rotisserie chicken from the deli section. Somehow often cheaper (or comparable) to roasting your own bird, a rotisserie chicken is a fast and flavourful protein that can be added to so many dishes from chicken salad to tacos

Prepping your rotisserie chicken

To prep, allow rotisserie chicken to cool completely. Using kitchen scissors, cut from the cavity to the neck on the top and bottom to create two halves. Cut the breasts from the thighs and legs and rip apart each section, scraping as much as you can from the bones. Separate into light and dark if your family prefers. And about those bones, boil them down with veggie scraps for homemade chicken stock. Yum. 

Sesame Ramen Salad with Chicken and Celery

plate of noodles with Rotisserie Chicken and celery
Sesame Ramen Salad With Chicken And Celery

These noodles are a fun way to make a store-bought rotisserie chicken exciting and new. Don’t be put off by what looks like a long list of ingredients—you likely already have all of these on hand, and they just need to be whisked together. Get the recipe: Sesame Ramen Salad with Chicken and Celery

Chicken Quesadillas

chicken quesadillas on a wooden cutting board with salsa on the side could also use Rotisserie Chicken
Chicken Quesadillas

Some nights, you probably wish you didn’t have to stand over a stove, monitoring two skillets. Problem solved with these Chicken Quesadillas. It’s like a grilled cheese sandwich, but with way more potential for great fillings. Get the recipe: Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps

Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps using Rotisserie Chicken - Parents Canada

White meat or dark can come in handy here. Use store-bought dressing or make your own. This is your show and you are the star. Get the recipe: Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps

Thai Chicken Soup 

bowl of chicken and veg thai soup in a creamy coconut milk broth
Thai Chicken Soup

When outside is gross, you can always cure it with a bowl of steaming, spicy (you can totally adjust the heat) soup. With a creamy coconut milk broth and a layering of delicious flavours, this slurp is studded with rice noodles, tender chicken, mushrooms, spinach and peppers. Get the recipe: Thai Chicken Soup 

Slowcooker Chicken Chili 

bowl of chili with sour cream, cheese and avocado
Slowcooker Chicken Chili

Let the slowcooker do the hard work for you with this hearty, comforting chili. Toasting the spices just before adding them helps boost their flavour, lending more dimension to the dish. It calls for chicken breasts, but if you’re using your shredded rotisserie chicken supply, add in towards the end of the cook to not dry it out. Get the recipe: Slowcooker Chicken Chili 

Rainbow Fresh Rolls With Peanut Dipping Sauce

Rainbow Fresh Rolls
Rainbow Fresh Rolls

These rainbow rolls are a delish, no-cook solution bursting with fresh veggies and rotisserie chicken, with a sweet and savoury dipping sauce on the side. Get the recipe: Rainbow Fresh Rolls With Peanut Dipping Sauce


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