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ShiShu Creations Baby Coverall Weaning Bib

ShiShu Creations Baby Coverall Weaning Bib - Parents Canada

ShiShu Creations Baby Coverall Bib is a must-have when teaching your little one to become an independent eater. 

The bib is not just for babies. It looks like a large-sized bib but it uses adjustable straps to allow for longer use as your baby grows into a toddler. Its waterproof and highly-stain resistant material ensures that food stays off of the baby and the table during mealtimes. This new design allows you to take the bib off, wash it, and continue feeding without worrying about food being everywhere. The bibs are not just for the weaning period, it will also work when your little one is doing arts & crafts! 

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How the Weaning Bib Works 

Secure the bib around your baby’s neck and arms, then secure the velcro straps underneath the highchair feeding tray. Once done, rest assured that your little one will stay clean and dry during feeding time. The special created “pocket” will catch food waste, even if you haven’t quite weaned your baby. Whether your little one is enjoying his or her first bite of mashed beans or hearty spaghetti, this product will help keep them clean and dry. 

Benefits of the Weaning Bib 

Quick and simple to use, the ShiShu Creations Baby Coverall Bib makes cleaning up after your little one a snap! On average, customers have said they save up to 30 minutes a day on cleaning. It’s not just for saving time on cleaning up, but it will help keep your baby’s clothes clean, so that means fewer washing machines trips and one less thing to add to your to-do list, giving you more time with your precious little one!

Recommended age: 6 months to 3 years

Where to buy: single – $28.00, 2-pack – $45.00, amazon.ca


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