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Wellbeing Heroes Magic Pyjamas - Parents Canada

My Magic Pyjamas is an empowering story book which magically introduces ‘My Magic Pyjamas’ containing very clever features including ‘Glow-in-the Dark’ patches, ‘Dream Catchers’, a ‘Worry Pocket’ and an ‘Invisibility Button’. The story book tells the story of a child called Cat whose dreams turned to nightmares. Cat overcomes the night fears by finding Nana Lou’s ‘Magic Pyjamas’ with the ‘Googly Eyes’. Cat cleverly uses the Pyjamas to banish the night time terrors and sleep through the night. A fabulous design with a story written by award winning author Richie Conroy.

Where to buy: $29.99, Toys R Us Exclusively

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ParentsCanada asked 12 families with kids aged 3-8 to test Magic Pyjamas for two weeks.  Both the parents and the kids loved Magic Pyjamas.  It earned the ParentsCanada Tried & Trusted Seal of Approval by Parents and Kids.

Here’s what parents and kids had to say:

The best part of the story is when Cat hugs Nana Lou.  – Katie age 4

We really liked the concept.  Our daughter was really excited to wear the pj’s and loved the reflective effect.   Would definitely buy for gifts.  – Minna from Toronto

Best pj’s ever!  I was glowing at night!  — Adele, age 8

I think this is a great idea since so many kids have troubles sleeping at night.  They all loved the story and the message about being brave.  – Lisa from Winnipeg

The pj’s were nice and cozy.  The story made me sleep better.  The story helped with some of my fears when I wore them.  – Julien age 8

I loved that the pj’s were gender neutral. — Alyson from Toronto

The pj’s were fun!  Markus age 6

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