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5 Top Toy Picks For Big Kids

Top Toy Pcks For Big Kids - Parents Canada

Your big kids—in the seven to 12 set—are the best age for cool toys (top toys you’ll love, too!). They’re old enough (and patient enough) to follow instructions, and their reactions are often the stuff of holiday memories. We’ve selected eight awesome gift ideas from national retailers for this age bracket, from a buildable chess set to an at-home archaeological dig.

Leapfrog globe - parents canada

LeapFrog Globe
Why we love it: This is such a great educational toy! It’s perfect for kids curious about world geography. This interactive talking globe explores cultures, animals, habitats and more. With five-plus hours of BBC videos, kids will hear thousands of facts about our world. $120, Amazon

Story time chess - parents canada

Story Time Chess
Why we love it: You can teach chess to children as young as three years old with Story Time Chess. This fun game uses stories, vibrant illustrations, a unique chess board and an engaging card game to teach the rules of chess in a simple and fun way. No chess experience required for parents to learn, either. $50, Mastermind

Trestle tracks - parents canada

Trestle Tracks
Why we love it: This mesmerizing marble run is designed for kids ages eight and up. Made with hollow stacking cubes and flat tracks with paths cut out, it encourages engineering and problem solving skills. We love that kids can either follow the instruction guide or use their own creativity to build a course. $35, Chickadee Kids Co.

Spacetalk Adventurer Smartwatch
Why we love it: A cell phone alternative for kids ages five and up, this smartwatch offers video calling, GPS tracking, texting, reminders and activity tracking. It even has built-in parental controls such as a Safe Contact List so kids are limited in who they can talk to. Family chat features put the whole family in communication, while alarms and reminders can help keep kids on track. With no internet or social media, this smartwatch has all the benefits of a cellphone without the risks. $230, Best Buy

Kidizoom creator cam - parents canada

KidiZoom Creator Cam
Why we love it: For the kid who wants to be a future YouTube star, the KidiZoom Creator Cam allows kids to create their own videos and add cool effects like animated backgrounds. $90, Toys R Us

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