8 Top Toy Picks for Big Kids

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Your big kids—in the seven to 12 set—are the best age for cool toys (top toys you’ll love, too!). They’re old enough (and patient enough) to follow instructions, and their reactions are often the stuff of holiday memories. We’ve selected eight awesome gift ideas from national retailers for this age bracket, from a buildable chess set to an at-home archaeological dig.

VTech KidiZoom PrintCam Digital Camera
Remember the Polaroids you tucked into your bathroom mirror or taped to your locker door? Welcome to the 2021 version. This camera comes programmed with fun editing options and houses a roll of paper to print up to 80 images. $93, bestbuy.ca

LEGO 2-in-1 Iconic Checkers
This is a really a three-in-one gift if you ask us. This set includes 1500 pieces to build the board and the playing pieces (activity number one) and, once its built, you can spend hours playing chess or checkers (activities two and three!). Winter break games day, anyone? $140, amazon.ca

The Young Scientist Club Space Adventure Pack
For little space lovers, this STEM-based present is perfection. This backpack is chockfull of excitement, with 13 out-of-this-world activities, from exploring the constellations to building a model of the solar system. They don’t call it an adventure pack for nothing. $30, chapters.indigo.ca

Spirograph Animator
It’s the spirograph you know and love but with a new spin (pun intended). Kiddos will create designs on the new, back-lit animator platform and then watch them come to life. It also works with other spirograph sets if your household has already been introduced to this timeless toy. $35, mastermindtoys.com


Magic Mixies Interactive Cauldron
If you see this toy online or in stores—Scoop. It. Up. One of the hottest items of the season, kids can mix up a magic potion to create their own mystical pet. The cauldron will produce real mist as little sorcerers add ingredients, plus the resulting Magic Mixie will react to touch and respond to the included wand. $199, amazon.ca

Once Upon a Fairy Fairy Finder
First we had fairy doors and fairy gardens. Now we have fairy finders. These sweet jars allow kids to gather virtual fairies, with more than 100+ to collect. Each jar can also be paired with an app, so kids can talk to and interact with the fairies in their collections. $55, canadiantire.ca

Smithsonian Super Dig
Dinosaur fans and budding archaeologists alike will be into this excavation kit. It comes with two blocks for at-home digs, featuring a replica skeleton of a T. Rex and a selection of rocks and minerals. $50, toysrus.ca

The Coconut Play Couch
Just watch your big kids get creative with this modular play couch. The pieces fit together in more combinations than you could possibly imagine, to keep your crew busy for hours. We also love that this top toy is Canadian-made, durable, machine washable and available in a host of different colours. $489, gococonut.ca


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