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Wellbeing Heroes Sockie Stars - Parents Canada

Sockie Stars is an endearingly cleverly written story book promoting positive ‘wellness’ messages to children. The Story Book is accompanied by three sets of beautifully designed colourful Socks with Capes with Uplifting Messages sown into the soles of the socks. ‘Coco’ the ‘Brave Socks’, ‘Sockie the Calm Socks’ and ‘Todd’ the socks who realise that it is okay to be the ‘Odd’ one out. The Sockie Stars stories encourage the readers to wear the socks and feel the tingle in their toes and a warmth on their soles. This lets them know that Bravery, Calm and Self-Acceptance is flooding through them. Now children can go out and face the world without carrying those heavy feelings around with them.

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Where to buy: $29.99, Toys R Us Exclusively

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ParentsCanada asked 12 families with kids aged 3-8 to test Sockie Stars for two weeks.  Both the parents and the kids loved Sockie Stars.  It earned the ParentsCanada Tried & Trusted Seal of Approval by Parents and Kids.

Here’s what parents and kids had to say:

I really liked the message and the packaging of the socks.  Especially now, when kids can’t bring a comfort item with them to school, the socks helped to make my 6-year-old feel brave and calm.  —— Jen from Fenwick, Ontario

The socks are very cute and hold up well after washing.  The velcro is also strong and durable.  The book was cute and promotes a message we agree with.  ——— David from Toronto

I loved the name of the socks, it felt special to put a pair on. —— Connor, age 6

My feet feel super.  —- Chloe age 5

My son loved these socks and enjoyed the 3 stories.  He asked to have the stories re-read.  The socks and stories definitely encouraged conversations about emotions.  —- Sheri from Hamilton.

Sockie Socks are cool. —– Nolan age 4

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