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Go Coconut Play Couch

Go Coconut Play Couch - Parents Canada

Are you sometimes finding it challenging to come up with fresh ways to keep kids busy? You certainly aren’t the only ones! If this challenge seems close to your reality, the Coconut play couch is certainly the solution to your home concern. Highlighted across several media outlets across Canada such as Global News, La Presse and The Peak magazine, this company is loved not only by kids, but also their parents! Here are a few reasons why!

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Measuring 30″ deep and 60″ long, the Coconut is made of 4 modular pieces. The Coconut’s bases are made of double cushions each 5 inches thick, designed of equal height for better build sturdiness and broader construction options. The beams are made of equal length to the width of its bases, while also featuring an innovative flat top! This allows them to be used as comfortable back rests, but also as columns and bridges for kids to further create and enjoy their playtime.

Why choose Go Coconut?

1. Proudly manufacturing in Canada from A to Z

Standing up for its neighbors is an important part of Go Coconut’s mission. Created in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, this company has focused all its efforts on supporting other small Canadian businesses by sourcing locally, hiring local workers, and making sure that every aspect of production remains local.

2. Quality & durability

Made with extra durable micro velveteen fabric designed for upholstery usage, the Coconut’s covers have a non-slip quality that will hold builds steadily in place, while also being easily machine washable. Filled with Certi-Pur high-density foam with an ILD of 60, the Coconut play couch is designed to support years of rough kid’s play!

3. Versatility

Gone are the days of purchasing new toys every week to keep your children interested; the Coconut will be played with each and every single day! You only have to check the product reviews on their website, they speak for themselves! The Coconut also hides a secret function if your have guests staying overnight! By laying 2 Coconuts side by side on the floor, you will obtain a perfect fit for any Queen size bed sheets! Whether you are hosting a sleepover party or simply because guests are staying over, this product has you covered!

4. Best customer experience

Go Coconut also prides itself on the quality of its customer experience from beginning to end. Because they manufacture everything themselves locally in Laval Quebec, Go Coconut allows its customers to customize their orders at will! Whatever you are looking for, they have you covered; from personalizing your order with a personal message or your colour preferences by mix & matching them, to designing you a personalized poster for your own playroom. And if you reach out on social media or by email with a question, Go Coconut’s customer service will reply within the day, and will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied.

Recommended Age: 1-8 years old 

Where to buy: $489,  gococonut.ca 

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