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Better Nights, Better Days program

Better Nights, Better Days program - Parents Canada

Did you know that now during the COVID-19 pandemic more children and parents are having trouble sleeping? Even though we know that better nights means better days, few children actually have access to treatment for sleep problems! The Better Nights, Better Days eHealth program provides accessible intervention for parents of children who are struggling with their sleep.

We know the importance of sleep for children, and that when children get adequate sleep, their quality of life improves around the clock – better behavior, better mood, better performance at school and improved general health and well-being for the entire family!

With this knowledge, a team of psychologists, nurses and physicians, many of whom are parents themselves, developed the Better Nights, Better Days program.

Better Nights, Better Days is an evidence-based online program to support parents of children ages 1-10 years old who experience sleeping problems including difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking too early. We modified this program so that it could be used during the current COVID-19 pandemic (see below for how we did this).

A national team of investigators are conducting a study to understand if Better Nights, Better Days improves the sleep, mental health, wellbeing, and family resiliency in children and parents during the COVID-19 pandemic, and test how to scale-out the Better Nights, Better Days program to support families across Canada.

We are recruiting 1000 families of children who experience sleeping problems to test the effectiveness of Better Nights, Better Days during COVID-19 and evaluate the implementation of the program across Canada. There is no cost for families to participate.

Where to register: https://btfollow.com/bnbd

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The program is broken into 5 sessions and includes a pre-session:

  • Pre-Session: How COVID 19 has affected sleep
  • Session 1: About Better Nights, Better Days
  • Session 2: Healthy Sleep Practices
  • Session 3: Settling to Sleep
  • Session 4: Night Waking, Napping, and Early Morning Awakenings
  • Session 5: Looking Back and Ahead

You will also receive tools to facilitate the program including:

  • Sleep Diary
  • Weekly Activities and Reviews
  • Track your Progress 
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