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Color Buddies™ Moisturizing Bath Bombs & Toy Dispenser Set

Colorful bath water is a fun trick for getting even the most bath-averse toddler into the tub. A brilliant addition to the bath routine, Color Buddies™ are kid-friendly bath bombs that infuse water with clean, multihued fun. Made with natural skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin E and shea butter, our colorful bath bombs are moisturizing and safe for kids (grownups, too!). Simply drop the bath tablets into the dispenser of choice, fasten the safety cap, immerse in water and watch as colors fizz and bloom. With 20 included bath bombs, you can teach little ones how to combine colors to make new ones. The nontoxic formula is super easy to clean and won’t stain tubs or skin. And the adorable whale and puffer fish dispensers double as floating bath strainers, extending playtime even more. Color us captivated!

Where to buy:  $14, Babies R UsAmazonShoppers Drug Mart

Tried and tested - color buddies™ moisturizing bath bombs & toy dispenser set

I like the product because it is very easy to use and safe as well. My kids can hold it and I can clean it afterwards without worrying about mold. – Anne L.B.

Our child loved this product! She would be so excited to choose what colour bath she wanted each night, and also loved to mix two different bath bomb colours to see what colour would result. The toys are really cute, and the bath bombs are the perfect size for baths for the little one. The colours are vibrant and DO NOT stain at all! I’ve already purchased refill bath bombs – this option is great! We love this toy and no longer need to spend on overly expensive bath bombs! – Janice W.

This product makes bath time fun! After the first time using this product, my 3 year old daughter definitely looked forward to baths after that and enjoyed picking which colour tablets would go inside the product. Highly recommend! – April B.

At first my two year old didn’t know what to think of the product, until my six year old showed him how much fun it was to mix colours. In the end they had lots of fun swirling it around and watching the colours release and mix. – Janelle R.

Fantastic Product! Love the whale and puffer fish toys, color tabs and moisturizing bath bombs (That does not stain or leave that gross greasy bath ring.) My kids loved playing with the toys. What was really nice was how quickly they dispensed they color. The toys also stream out water which is fun after the color tabs has dissolved. When you open the package of Munchkin Color buddies you will find 2 toys with 4 four colors of bath bombs, blue, red, yellow, and purple. Your wee ones will really enjoy the product! – Kristen M.

This product was easy to use, so much so my preschooler could do it. We both loved the dispensing toys. Durable for young kids and the way the colours came out of them were fun. Especially taking them out of the water to see a shower of colour falling. The first day we mixed 4 of the pellets and for an interesting result. This product helped make bath time fun again, and something to look forward to. Thank you for letting me be apart of this trial. We both had a blast playing with these. – Robin

My son realllly enjoyed this product. He loved mixing the different colour combinations and playing with the animal figures. He has played with bath bombs before and has never had this much fun with them. I feel like my on has also learned a lot about mixing different colour combinations and has become even more into learning about different colours. The product was very simple to use and I really liked the fact that the colour didn’t get all over my sons fingers while he played with the bath bombs because they were enclosed in the toy. There are only two flaws I found with this product: 1. It made getting out of the bath a little more challenging as my son wanted to stay and play in the colourful water forever. 2. I haven’t been able to find refills for the colours so I had to buy a different brand of colour bombs until I can track down the Munchkin ones 🙁 – Amanda M.

My son LOVED it. These became a weekend treat for bathtime as he didn’t want to leave the tub with these in there. – Louisa B.

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