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Fun & friendship are waiting for her at Girl Guides.

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We’re all about the fun of discovering new things, together with friends at Girl Guides.

Fun is making new friends.

At Girl Guides, girls will have a weekly point of connection with peers who’ll become a close circle of friends as they take on new challenges, fun activities and share laughter together.

We are committed to fostering a community where girls will be able to be themselves and share their experiences with friends as they explore their interests, unique talents, and work toward their goals.

Fun is learning something new.

As part of Girl Guides, girls are encouraged to use their talents and explore new ones. Whether she’s designing a secret hideout, cooking over a campfire or connecting with women leaders in her community, she’ll find joy and follow her curiosity.

Girls in Girl Guides can choose from more than 1,500 fun activities designed with her in mind to learn new skills, play fun games and discover the world. Our program covers everything from outdoor adventures and camping to leadership skills, money management, personal growth and STEM. Girls will work with their leaders to find what interests them and are encouraged to follow that path in Girl Guides and beyond.

Fun is sharing new experiences.

From scavenger hunts and science experiments to sharing new dance moves and exploring her community, girls in Guiding can try whatever it that sounds fun to them.

And the best part? Her friends and our dedicated volunteers will be sharing the experience with her and cheering her on every step of the way.

The fun she’ll have at Girl Guides will boost her confidence, creativity, and give her a community that will help her navigate the world.

“Being able to hang out with friends and being able to make new friends helps [me to] have something to look forward to each week.” – Girl Guide member.

Give her the chance to discover new things together with friends. Find fun at girlguides.ca or by calling 1-877-564-6188.

Recommended Age Groups: Girls 5 – 17

Cost of program: $110 – $175 per year (prices vary by region)


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