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Munchkin WildLove Miracle 360 Cups – Reviewed by Parents Just Like You

Munchkin WildLove Miracle 360 Cups - Parents Canada

Take a sip from something sweet, and it’s not just what’s *in* the cup. These colourful sippy cups encourage important lessons in sustainability and animal welfare. Each cup showcases a wild animal design that brings awareness to at-risk species, with purchases contributing to conservation efforts. Easy-to-clean and spill-proof with a 360° sip-from-any-side rim that seals when your child is done drinking, these cups are specially designed to help support muscle development. 100% recycled materials have been chosen for this packaging! With each purchase, a donation is made to the Whale Sanctuary Project and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). 

Where to buy: $20 for a set of Munchkin WildLove Miracle 360 on amazon.ca 

Tried and tested - munchkin wildlove miracle 360 cups - reviewed by parents just like you

Great quality, super cute designs, my son felt excited to use it because it was more like a big boy cup than a sippy cup, easy to clean – Chelsea 

I really loved these cups. They are so beautiful visually for adults and children alike. Easy to use, feel sturdy, and easy for my child to hold. – Amelia V.

I was excited to receive this cup as we have tried a few different kinds as my little one has grown. She has just turned two and took to this one right away, asking for it and immediately knowing how to use it. It was easy to clean, good quality and surprisingly leak free. I’m not sure if it is totally spill proof, but typically our leak free cups are shaken upside down until they leave a puddle and this was not the case here! The design was also really cute; I often struggle to find kids things that I actually like the design. My daughter even used the packaging as a colouring page!   – Pam W.

It’s excellent quality, and a beautiful design. My son loves it.   – Whitney P.

The designs on the cups are so cute, we love them! I like the design and harder plastic of it. I found that it was easier for him to grip. I like how easy it is to take apart and clean. I really like using the cups since they help with having less accidents. It’s a great cup that’s easy to drink out of, he always asks for it since we received it.  – Lisa B.

Let’s just say OMG to this cup. My son absolutely loves it so much. He wants only these 2 cups. My 7 year old is also using it. I love the fact that it doesn’t leak what so ever. I will recommend these cups to everyone I know. An extremely satisfied customer here and will purchase more of these cups. We actually found one that was a cars cup” McQueen”, and my son loves it also. Thank you so much for letting me try these cups. Again extremely satisfied ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  – Julie G

I love munchkin cups! They are mess free for my toddler who is in to EVERYTHING! He is really into animals so being able to talk about the polar bears, penguins, narwhals, and whales on the cups has been his favourite part of meal times. We have other versions of the munchkin 360 cups, and sometimes he takes the rubber top off the solid coloured ones, but not these. I think he’s just happy with the designs! – Samantha C.

The 360 cup is a great cup, my toddlers love it because it is a “big kid cup” but I don’t have to worry about accidental spills. It’s easy to take apart to clean and not too many pieces to worry about. I also love that it teaches them how to drink using a rim of a cup so it’s easier to transition later on. Lastly I love that there are no nipples for them to chew and break.   – Logan P.

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