Amanda Bloye


Birthdays 101: Tips For A First Birthday Party

Here are our top nine party tips to make it the best first birthday ever.

Here’s why you should get more vitamin D in your life

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium efficiently so that it can grow and maintain strong bones and teeth.

What to do when your tween wants to wear makeup

If you give your tween daughter (or son) permission to wear makeup, here are a few tips to help the transition go smoothly.

Lunch Apeel system makes healthy eating fun

Rewards are agreed upon by parent and child before points are earned.

Shop for produce in your own backyard

Aside from the benefits of healthy eating, gardening is a great way to burn calories. Plus, growing your produce at home will save you money.

Delicious and nutritious food swaps

Not only are these food swaps quick and easy but even your pickiest eater won't know they're healthy.

How to turn two chickens into a week’s worth of meals

Plan ahead to get the most out of your poultry.

Positive reinforcement powerful tool in kids’ stories

Did you know that spending time reading with your kids could also motivate them to be honest?

Hungry children may lose up to three months of learning time each year, survey says

No one understands the impact not eating breakfast has on students in the classroom more than teachers, which is why Kellogg’s went straight to the experts for their most recent survey.

Travel to Canada’s East Coast this summer with VIA Rail Canada

If you’re looking for something exciting and unique to do with the kids, VIA Rail Canada has you covered.