Carolye Kuchta


The benefits of mindfulness in the classroom

In the quest to teach the three Rs, are we missing out on compassion? How B.C. schools are taking the lead on mindful classrooms.

Tweens benefit from keeping a diary

Keeping a journal can help tweens in many ways.

Portrait of a Gifted Child

When my first-born was a few weeks old, I watched him cooing and thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if he turned out to be gifted? What an exhilarating adventure!” I knew very little back then. In fact, my son’s father and I knew nothing about...

Raising Elite Athletes: from Olympic Moms

Do you have what it takes to raise an elite athlete? Moms of Olympic athletes gathered in February 2010 in Vancouver and told ParentsCanada their biggest challenges. ELSE GROVES (mother of Kristina Groves, silver and bronze medalist, speed skating, 2010): Kristina’s been so passionate over the years, we never had to...