Lianne Castelino & Andrea Howick


Keep your baby active with tummy time

Less confined sitting and more tummy time will help babies get on the right track toward being active.

Tips to feeding your kids fruits and veggies

We know how much kids are supposed to get each day, but in many cases, it's easier said than done.

The importance and impact of Mom’s groups

An up close look at a Mommy Connections group and how it helps new moms address the loneliness and isolation that often accompanies having a baby.

Proper way to fit and wear a backpack

David Tipton of Mountain Equipment Co-op demonstrates the proper way to fit and wear a backpack for young children to adults.

Getting fit with your baby

Andrea Page, a pre-and post-natal fitness coach and founder of FitMom, shares simple tips and demonstrates exercises to help new moms introduce fitness to their babies from an early age.

Tips for reducing the amount of time your kids spend in front of screens

Bev Deeth, CEO of Concerned Children's Advertisers, shares ideas on how to limit your child's screen time and turn the time they do spend on time into a positive, healthy experience.

Decluttering your house of toys

Jill Pollack, organizational expert and host of HGTV's Consumed, talks about decluttering your house of toys.

Momsense: When kids outgrow their toys

Sometimes they need a little help letting go.

Momsense: How to make grocery shopping with kids fun

You know the feeling … beads of sweat start to gather on your forehead, your heart is racing, your palms are clammy. Are you about to bungee jump? Go in for a job interview? Sadly, no. You are in the supermarket with your toddler.  Making it even worse, you can...