Louise Hanvey, BN, MHA


Your birth plan

Make key decisions before you go into labour.

Learning About Hospital Procedures

In today’s hospital birth setting, modern technology is used to help monitor the health of mothers and babies. Here are some common procedures: Intravenous (IV) Intravenous is when a liquid is flowed into a vein in your hand or arm and used to give medication or to give/take blood. Intravenous also: ...

Birth Decisions: Your Birth Plan

A birth plan can mean a better birth experience Giving birth is an exciting life event. Making some decisions about what you want during labour and birth, before you're actually in labour, can help make your experience more positive. This is called a birth plan. Your Birth Plan Labour and birth can...

Birth Decisions: Medications

Everyone perceives and copes with pain during labour and birth differently. Some women feel that because childbirth is natural and healthy, it should proceed without using medication for pain. Others feel that there is no need to suffer through pain during labour, and that women should take advantage of the...