Meghan Bradley


We love family-friendly San Francisco, here’s why

After visiting the Golden Gate Bridge and Danny Tanner's house, the Zephyr Hotel is a great place to wind down after a full day of San Francisco sightseeing. 

Mommy Diaries: The worrying trait can be passed down

Eye colour and height aren’t the only traits that can be passed down.

Raising Davis: The struggles of the fib phase

Meghan Bradley tells us about how her son is moving through his fib phase.

Raising Davis: How to let go when you need to let go

Davis has always wanted independence. He’s now eight, but wanted to dress himself and pick his own clothes at three.

Raising Davis: Keep your child’s extracurriculars under control

In order to enjoy one hour of watching Davis play soccer, I have to go through a long checklist.

Raising Davis: Are road trips part of your family’s life?

Our last attempt at a long road trip was three years ago. Davis doesn’t like to go on even a 20-minute drive without his handheld gaming device (PSP) or my iPad.

Raising Davis: When your kids expect parents to entertain them

When kids rely on parents to amuse them, it’s time to stop clowning around.

Raising Davis: Some kids like affection, while others don’t

From day one, Davis was a baby on-the-go. He hated being held. He was happiest when he could move, stretch, kick and feel space around him.

Raising Davis: Sometimes fighting that protective instinct is better than fighting

I have to bite my tongue at Davis’ soccer games when a big kid starts pushing him around.

Raising Davis: Do our gender ideas influence our kids?

Try as we might, our own stereotypes are hard to suppress.