Sara Dimerman, Psychologist


When mothers feel the need to nest

Although the urge for nesting is at its peak just before baby is born, pregnant women may experience the desire to tidy up, organize and prepare for the new member of their family at any point in the nine-month journey.

Help Me Sara: my child wants to walk to school by herself

Your child wants to walk to school alone, so do you think he or she is ready, and – more importantly – are you?

Help Me Sara: Should we consider spanking our child?

Although we know that spanking is not the ideal way to deal with difficult behaviour, we find that this is often the only thing that works. Help me Sara!

Help me Sara: My kids won’t do their chores

My 11-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter never participate in household chores. I’m sick and tired of doing everything for them and not feeling any reciprocation. Help me Sara!

Help me Sara: How to bridge the transition from couple to parents

Our first child was born two months ago and I feel as if my husband and I have been drifting apart. Is this normal and what can we do to feel more connected in the months to come? Help me Sara!