Ask Dr. Marla: Milk production after weaning

The answer to this question in a word is – variable!

Ask Dr. Marla: Why homemade formula isn’t safe

I think we all agree that the best so-called homemade formula is breast milk.

Ask Dr. Marla: Fussy baby? Skip the gripe water

Gripe water is a liquid that is often used for reasons ranging from colic and stomach upset to teething pain.


Find a new family doctor in your city

Finding a new doctor can be extremely challenging when moving to a new city. Start your search here with this list of provincial organizations and their websites that aide in finding health care for you and your family.

Ask Dr. Marla: Snoring in Children

Click here to submit your question for consideration by Dr. Marla. My preschooler snores like a trucker even when he doesn't have a cold. Is this something I should have checked? A. Snoring is often due to enlarged adenoids and/or nasal blockage. Your adenoids sit high up behind...

Ask Dr. Marla: Dirt – Is It Harmful?

Is dirt harmful? My husband wants to set up a sandbox for our two-year old, but I am concerned that it could be full of dangerous germs, even if we cover it at night. A. How complicated such a simple question can be! To answer this I turned...

Ask Dr. Marla: Antibiotics and Ear Infections

Click here to submit your question for consideration by Dr. Marla. Q.My toddler has repeated ear infections so shes constantly on antibiotics. Should I be worried about the long-term effects of these drugs? A. The first question to ask is whether the use of antibiotics is indicated each and every time...