Why we chose Kids & Company for our boys

Why was Kids & Company right for my family? It’s a company built on a foundation of being a place parents can be confident in, and it impacts everything they do...
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How do you know you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it?

I cringe whenever that phrase sneaks out of my mouth because I’m caught in that awkward life phase where I still remember being a kid perplexed at the dumb things my parents said but I’ve also become a mother exasperated at the stubborn, faulty and maddening logic of a picky eater.
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Toddler talk and late talkers

Our youngest was a little later to the party, and although he speaks in sentences LOUDLY and FREQUENTLY, 95% of those sentences are indistinguishable chatter.
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Five reasons camping with little ones is terrible and two reasons to do it anyways

We used to be adventurous, and then we had kids. So now, our greatest adventure is to go car camping for a weekend. Which we did last weekend. And that brings me to this point: camping with little kids is terrible. Here’s why.
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One of a million child care decisions: daycare or dayhome?

So you’ve decided you need child care. Perhaps you or your partner are returning to a work schedule or need the all-elusive ‘break’ from parenting once in a while. Or maybe you think your kid(s) could benefit from some peer interaction.
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Chore boards, family hugs and other adventures in trying to build routine

I know (I know, I know, I know) how important routine is. But it’s sooooo hard for me. And it’s been a murky and ugly transition from leading a life of spontaneity and doing-what-we-want-when-we-want to having some semblance of structure for our family.
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