10 Misperceptions About Learning Disabilities

Many misperceptions circulate about learning disabilities. Some are rooted in the confusion and controversy surrounding numerous labels and complexities, and others result from a less-than-full awareness of advances in our knowledge of learning disabilities.

Start your back-to-school meal plan with smarter snacks

Weeknights are hectic and leave precious little time to prepare meals or even eat together! However, there is an activity that saves time and money, improves your nutrition, reduces stress and involves the whole family: meal planning!

Paying for your kids’ camps

Many camps go out of their way to make fees affordable or even cheap for parents with several children or who may be cash-strapped. 

Camp for your kids: Information sessions and questions to ask

Nothing can replace a camp visit. If you have never visited a camp, do so and you won't want to leave. Camps will welcome the chance to show you around and answer all your questions.

When is the best time to send my child to camp?

Explore what age is the right time to send them to camp.

Keep your child active this holiday by enrolling in camp

Now is the time to start thinking about camp registration over the Christmas break if you know you need to work over the holidays.

Private School Expo coming up in Toronto

If you're in Toronto and wondering about whether you should send your child to private school, visit the Toronto Private School Expo on October 20.

Questions to ask schools during school visits and expos

Nothing can replace a visit to a school in terms of learning about the school's environment, its attitudes and daily life there.

To preschool or not to preschool?

There's debate about whether young children between the ages of zero or two and the age of five should be sent to preschool.

The learning and educational benefits of summer camp

Camp teaches individuals about life and how to live it well. It's a unique place to learn.