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Toronto Pro Tips


Toronto is home to Canada’s only Major League Baseball team, so it’s a rite of passage to attend a game at the Rogers Centre if you’re in the city during baseball season. We’ve rounded up some smart tips for cheering on the Blue Jays in person with little ones in tow. 

  • First things first: Be selective about your tickets. Go for aisle seats, so you can easily get in and out without constantly disrupting other people in the row. Also, if your budget allows, try for tickets close to the front of a section (even if you’re in the 500-level) so you’re not climbing endless stairs. 
  • Take a stroller or carrier (or both!) for little ones. The Rogers Centre has stroller parking on each level, you can just drop your stroller off and head to your seat. 
  • Pack snacks and things to keep your kids entertained if the game doesn’t thrill them. There are also family-friendly zones in the newly renovated ballpark. 
  • Consider taking public transit. There’s parking near the stadium but the event rate can be double or triple the usual fee. 
  • Leave the game early. Unless you’re at a critical playoff game and it’s the bottom of the ninth, we say get the heck outta there before the game ends. This will ensure you get to transit or your car before everyone else has even left the Rogers Centre. 

If you want to up the experience for your kids, look up Junior Jays Sundays ( There are extra, kid-focused activations at these games (including an opportunity to run the bases after the game!). 


The Canadian National Exhibition (August 16 to September 2), better known as the 

CNE, is a quintessential summer experience in Toronto. First introduced in 1879, it has evolved from an agriculture and technology fair to include a carnival (with the best midway!), live music and other entertainment, innovative food stalls and so much more. 

But, here’s the deal: It’s not the most convenient event for families. Read on for insider tips for tackling the CNE with your kids. 

  • It may be tempting to be there before the doors open at 10am but you’re just going to end up waiting in line unnecessarily. Go just 30 minutes later and you’re unlikely to get stuck in a crush of people trying to get in. 
  • Use public transit. If you’re not from the GTA, you may think that driving and parking is more convenient, but trust us—it isn’t. 
  • Parking can be extremely difficult to find, and when you do find it, the cost will be through the roof. Both the TTC and Go Transit have routes to get you right to the CNE grounds. 
  • Look at the events schedule and map out your day in advance. Use live events like the Superdogs show as a break in the day. 
  • Research the freebies. Many of the events provide coupons and giveaways. The food options often have samples to snack on, too. 
  • Last but definitely not least, plan for the weather. There is nothing worse than being unprepared for extreme heat or a midday downpour. 

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