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What to do when kids master the art of lying

Don’t worry, parents. Toddler untruths are associated with highly developed cognitive skills. After all, lying is a pretty complicated task.

Helpful hints for dealing with the ins and outs of constipation

When toddlers hold it in, it could simply be because they’re distracted – why take a time-out for the toilet when you’ve got a room full of toys?

How to avoid constantly yelling at your teen

Most parents know physical violence is a bad idea. What might come as a surprise, though, is that yelling at our teens may cause just as much harm.

How to help your teen avoid Peter Pan syndrome

Concerned your teen isn’t acting her age? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Is your teen getting enough sleep?

Your teenager yawns through class, naps after school, and practically needs a bullhorn to get out of bed in the morning. Rest assured (no pun intended), the odds are your teen is healthy, just sleep-deprived.

When should you worry about your preschooler’s stomach issues?

When should you be concerned about your child's tummy issues?

How to prepare tweens for their first overnight trip without you

How to prepare children for their first overnight trip...without you.

Parenting wisdom from 7 celebs

Raising kids is full of ups and downs, even if you’re in the public eye. We asked seven experienced parents to tell us what they wish they’d known earlier.

Slumber party 101

How to make sure the group sleepover is fun.

Children Learn Prejudice From Us

Andrea McDowell's little girl, Frances, is just six years old, but in this short time her mom has learned a lot about what it is to be out of the ordinary. Frances has a rare condition that restricts her growth. She’s a regular, active first grade student – just...