Mary Teresa Bitti


Is Your Child Gifted?

It usually means really smart, but as parents of gifted children know, the label can also mean years of working with schools to meet a child’s educational needs.

Beyond Their Years – Kids & 14A Movies

Are kids harmed by entertainment aimed at older audiences? Lori Pearson and her husband were standing in line behind a mother and son at the video store one day, when they overheard the following exchange. The mother, unsure about the movie they were about to rent, asked the clerk what...

Philanthropy 101

Sometimes we give to charities out of habit or just because somebody knocked on our door. Maybe there’s a better way. What is needed is staggering; there are more than 160,000 nonprofits and registered charities in Canada – and they all need money and time. So where is a family...

Green Daycares

My passion for being environmentally responsible started in childhood with watching how my father treated nature,” says Lorisa Zazular. Today, Lorisa is developing a ‘green’ pilot project for Acadia Daycare at its University of British Columbia (UBC) centre. She says, “It’s really important to ensure that children have an awareness of,...