19 best brunch recipes

Here's to the weekend and nice, leisurely meals with the ones we love. With everything from sweet to savoury, we've got all the recipes you need to get the party started. The only thing you need to ask is, "wanna do brunch?"

Philips One Travel Toothbrush

Available in multiple colours, this sleek electric toothbrush can be purchased in both battery-powered and rechargeable versions. Each product comes with a handle, a brushhead and a handy travel case, to make packing simple. In the case of the battery-operated model, one 90-day AAA battery is included;...

The Questioneers Collection of books

If you've never heard of the Questioneers collection, you need to click "add to cart" ASAP. With inquisitive kids at the heart of every book--kids who aspire to be an architect, a scientist, an engineer and even the president--they role-model for every child that no dream is...

Loulou Lollipop Bubble Silicone and Wood Teether

Those tiny chompers fighting to poke through are often painful for weeks--even before they pop through the gumline! This teether offers two textures for maximum relief--the squishy, food-grade silicone and the hard beechwood rings both help your little one to alleviate the pressure and pain of teething.

17+ great Easter gifts for kids

You know the usual chocolate bunny and eggs. If you want to make their Easter baskets a little bit extra (and why wouldn't you?), try a few of these picks for kids of all ages.

Try These Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep

These tips can help get your child to fall asleep faster, sleep better and longer, and experience fewer night wakings.

42 Recipes to Make Your Holiday Meal the Best

From apps to desserts to the main meal, we've got your holiday spread covered with these tasty recipes.

Better Nights, Better Days program

Did you know that now during the COVID-19 pandemic more children and parents are having trouble sleeping? Even though we know that better nights means better days, few children actually have access to treatment for sleep problems! The Better Nights, Better Days eHealth program provides accessible intervention...

18 recipe projects to make as a family

There's something special about a family working together in the kitchen. You can make amazing homemade creations, you just need a bit of time. These recipe projects range from easy to a bit more challenging, but they're all worth the work. Especially when it comes time to eat.

And That’s A Wrap

In our ParentsCanada series finale, hosts Katie Dupuis and Jason Thomson reflect back on the experts they’ve chatted with and what they’ve learned along the way as parents and co-hosts. Everything from modelling behaviour, to showing weakness, to listening and connecting more, to why failure is important. And despite how much you prepare, the universe may very well laugh at your plans! Thanks for being along for the ride.