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Huggies No Baby Unhugged

Huggies has launched an initiative to help moms understand the power of hugs.

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Huggies believes in the power of human touch for all babies. There are so many benefits of hugging and touch that it’s time to take hugging seriously. This is what Huggies plans to do.

When babies have longer stays in Neonatal Units (NICU), Mom can’t be there 24/7. She needs some rest and recovery time, too! So Huggies developed the No Baby Unhugged initiative to help all babies get the hugs they need. They are now funding hugging programs in Canadian hospitals. This means that volunteers will spend time in the NICU holding babies when their parents aren’t able to be there.

Baby Huggers spend time rocking, cuddling, singing and hugging newborns, sometimes for hours at a time, providing that needed touch and human contact.

How can Moms help?

Moms can show their support for this program by becoming a No Baby Unhugged Mom. By signing up for Huggies rewards (at nobabyunhugged.ca), you receive a free pack of Huggies for your newborn. And when you share a hug photo with your little one, Huggies will donate $5 to the No Baby Unhugged initiative.

Huggies my hug plan - huggies no baby unhuggedWhat’s your hug plan?

You’ve heard of a birth plan, right? It’s a list of how you envision your labour and birth to unfold. Well, now’s the time to make a Hug Plan.

Be specific!

Sit down and make your decisions. For example, when do you want to hug (before or after the cord is cut)? And how long do you want to provide skin-to-skin contact (one hour or more)?

Fill out your Hug Plan, share it with your doctor or midwife, and pop a copy in your hospital bag.