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The benefits of exercise

Getting in shape for your baby’s birth

Research shows that healthy pregnant mothers can participate in some forms of exercise throughout their entire pregnancy, although many find they need to slow down at the beginning and again at the end.

42 healthyweight f07f1 - the benefits of exerciseThe best time to begin an exercise program is during the second trimester, but if you take it easy and listen to your body, you can be active even later in pregnancy and still enjoy the benefits. Many pregnant women feel that being physically active increases their sense of well-being and promotes pregnancy as the normal natural life event it is.

Regular exercise will make you more aware of:

  • Your body.
  • How your muscles contract and relax.
  • How breathing changes in response to physical exertion.
  • How movement helps when you feel uncomfortable.

All of this will help you understand your body and gain confidence in its incredible capabilities.

The benefits of exercise in pregnancy

  • Improved cardiovascular system, which provides more stamina for pregnancy, labour and birth.
  • Better circulation, which helps prevent varicose veins and leg cramps.
  • Reduces risk for gestational diabetes.

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