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5 more tips for yard sale success

Yard sale 4 the cure - 5 more tips for yard sale successAs the ice begins to thaw and warmer weather beckons on the horizon, many of us begin spring-cleaning. The change of seasons awakens the need to make a clean start.

This year, as you purge your home of outgrown clothes and toys and remove bulky furniture, why not try something new and host a Yard Sale for the Cure with proceeds benefiting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Not only is it a great way to clean, but you will also be supporting a worthy cause.

Here are a few tips to help make your Yard Sale a success:

Start planning early

  • It’s never too soon to start planning. Begin by going through your home and collecting items you no longer use. Toys and furniture are obvious big sellers, as are small kitchen appliances that are in working order. Recycle anything that is broken or has missing parts.
  • You can get the kids involved by having them weed through their toys and creating a pile for the Yard Sale.
  • Aim to host your sale on May 25th, when communities across Canada will be taking part. However, you can organize a sale anytime during the summer in support of CBCF.
  • Keep in mind Saturdays are the most common day of the week, with most sales starting early in the morning. Try to avoid long weekends and special occasions like Mother’s Day weekend.

Get the word out

  • Advertise your Yard Sale using brightly coloured posters on street corners, flyers on bulletin boards in nearby cafes, and free listings newspapers. Make sure to mention where it is, what type of items you’ll be selling, and most importantly when it starts.
  • Also remember to take your sale online by putting the word out on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Kijiji, and Craigslist. Using the new Map It app available on you can list the details of your sale to help visitors map out the perfect shopping route in their neighborhood.
  • Note: Many avid yard salers arrive early to scoop up fab finds, so be considerate and stick to your start time!

Name your price

  • People are more comfortable negotiating when they have a starting point; so, price each item clearly. Try using dollar store price tags or painter’s tape; neither will leave a mark.
  • A great way to price items is by group: “All CDs $1” or “All items on this table are $.50 each.” Since you probably don’t want to lug all of this stuff back into your garage, be flexible with pricing and let people negotiate with you. Be sure to have lots of change on hand—it goes quickly!

Strength in numbers

  • Think about coordinating a multi-family yard sale, with one or more houses on the same street. Choose a convenient day and share the workload.
  • Assign tasks to different households – one can put up the posters, another can list it on Kijiji and a third can place posters in local community centres. The more sellers in one area, the more likely you’ll be to attract shoppers.

Finally, consider donating proceeds to an important cause. Transform your spring Yard Sale into a Yard Sale for the Cure.  Host your sale and donate proceeds to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. In doing so, you’ll be helping to create a future without cancer!

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