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5 tips to hold a successful yard sale

Sweep away all those dust bunnies and spruce up your home with a
much-needed spring cleaning. Get rid of any old items, while earning
money, by holding a yard sale.
teamed up with the ladies of Mom Central Canada to do just that during
the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Yard Sale for the Cure launch
party on April 26. 
Competing teams gathered at
the Liberty Grand in Toronto to challenge each other to set up the best
yard sale in just 30 minutes and learn how every dollar raised goes
towards breast cancer research, health promotion, advocacy, education
and awareness programs. We scrounged, organized, merchandized and tagged
with a fury and were then crowned the winners!
start spring-cleaning, style your driveway and price to sell! Yard sale
season has arrived. Here are the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s
five tips to help you get started:
1. Rally the troops
key to a successful sale is manpower! See if your friends and
neighbours are interested in hosting sales and ask local businesses to
chip in. Don’t be afraid to offer more than merchandise – try selling
mini manicures for $5 or grill hot dogs and burgers for $2 each.
2. Location, location, location
where you want to host your sale and figure out the specifics well in
advance. Do you need a permit to host a sale there? Will there be enough
room for all of your merchandise? Will you need to rent tables? Think
about where everything will go and how you can make it as easy as
possible for your shoppers.
3. Get organized
collecting items for your sale. Ask friends and family if they have
anything to contribute – you’ll be surprised what people are hiding in
the corners of their homes. Organize your sale items by category and
pack them into clearly marked boxes.
4. Name your price
are more comfortable negotiating when they have a starting point, so
clearly price each item. Use painter’s tape for small items and a sheet
of paper for larger items. Try not to undervalue items – you never know
what someone might be willing to pay for that old record, rocking chair
or hutch.
5. Spread the word
everyone that you’ll be hosting a yard sale (or Yard Sale for the Cure
if you choose to support them). Put up posters, mention it on Facebook
and Twitter, blog about it, use Kijiji or Craigslist – the advertising
options are endless. Be sure to mention where it is, what type of items
you’ll have and when it starts.
Happy yard selling!
Photo: (L-R) Team members Patti Sullivan from CBC Kids and Natalie Rea from Mom Central Canada.

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