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6 alternative Easter gift ideas

Forget those chocolate eggs and classic Easter eggs and celebrate Easter differently this year. Check out these six unique Easter gift ideas to give your kids a hoppin’ good time.

Furreal bunny - 6 alternative easter gift ideasFurreal friends hop ‘n’ cuddle bunnies assortment

These soft, cuddly bunnies want to belong to you! They’re the snuggliest, cuddliest, cutest little friends you could ever have, and they acts just like real bunnies! When you put them down, they’ll love to hop. They even make the cutest little sniffling and nibbling sounds! When they hop away, they’ll circle back to you for a cuddle or two. Having bunnies of your own to love is the best!

Each bunny sold separate and comes with instructions. Colours and styles may vary.

Littlest pet shop easter egg - 6 alternative easter gift ideasLittlest Pet Shop two-pack of eggs

Celebrate spring with two adorable friends! These cute chick and bunny pets are already springtime favorites, but in their pretty egg accessories, they’re also perfect Easter basket gifts. Cut out the egg stand on the back of the package and you’ll have pet-themed places to put your own decorated eggs!

Mr potato head bunny - 6 alternative easter gift ideasPlayskool Mr. Potato Head spud bunny

Spring has sprung and here comes Mr. Potato Head hopping down the bunny trail! Mix-and-match parts help you transform this fun-loving spud bunny potato figure into a springtime rabbit. You’ll have all the bouncing bunny potato fun you can handle with this goofy spud bunny tater!

Potato figure comes with 1 pair of eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 1 pair of bunny ears, 2 arms, 1 pair of pants with feet and basket of eggs.

Play doh eggs - 6 alternative easter gift ideasPlay-Doh treat without the sweet spring eggs

Get ready for some spring-themed creative fun! These pastel-coloured egg containers hold a special surprise inside: each one is filled with Play-Doh Modelling Compound. Perfect for egg hunts, these fun egg containers and their Play-Doh Modelling Compound let you shape, mould and create anything you can imagine!

Ten eggs each come filled with one ounce of Play-Doh Modelling Compound.

Furreal%20dizzy%20dancers - 6 alternative easter gift ideasFurreal friends dizzy dancers

the dizzy startedwith this adorable, twirling, spinning bunny pet! Your
Lulablu pet has a funny face and a cute tuft of fur on top of her head,
and it’s easy to make her spin and twirl all over! Just attach your pet
to the included dizzy twirlin’ base, insert the included dizzy cord
accessory and pull it out quickly, and then watch as your funny pet
starts to twirl and swirl! The faster you pull out the dizzy cord
 accessory, the faster your Lulablu pet whizzes around!

Pet comes with dizzy twirlin’ base, twistin’ tricks card and dizzy cord accessory.

Play doh%20chick - 6 alternative easter gift ideasPlay-Doh treat without the sweet bunny and chick stampers

ready for some spring-themed creative fun! These bunny and chick
figures hold a couple of surprises just for you. Open each one up and
you’ll find Play-Doh Modelling Compound hidden inside! Then, look under
their feet – you’ll find stamps for creating fun shapes! Stamp, mould
and shape all kinds of imaginative creations with these two little pals.
When you’re done, you can store your Play-Doh Modelling Compound inside
them until it’s time to play and create again!

All products listed above can be found on the Hasbro website.

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