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Actress Gabrielle Miller on career and family

Gabrielle miller and son - actress gabrielle miller on career and familyGabrielle Miller
starred for six
seasons on Corner Gas
(CTV). She lives in
Toronto with her son.

We asked her: Do
you think working
moms are sometimes
perceived to focus on
career over family?

This career is demanding, but I think that women in general are under
a lot of pressure when it comes to parenting and their careers. So,
whether you’re a lawyer, a celebrity or a waitress, as a working mother
you are going to face certain pressures that society puts on you and
certain pressures that you put on yourself. In my profession, people see
a mother, literally see her, and make judgments based on what they see
without giving a thought as to whether or not she puts any pressure on
herself to be the most amazing mom ever. Which of course, we do.

It’s a strange thing as an actor, and an occupational hazard to some
extent, because people want to feel close to you, and you want to touch
people personally in the work that you do. But there is a line after which
things just become, frankly, no one else’s business.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, April 2013.

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