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Actress Keegan Connor Tracy talks about her love for Halloween

Keegan connor tracy - actress keegan connor tracy talks about her love for halloweenThis year Keegan Connor Tracy not only starred in Bates Motel on A&E and is returning to Once Upon a Time
on ABC for a third season, but also graces the big screen in Robert Redford’s The Company
You Keep. Born in Windsor, Ont., Keegan lives in Vancouver with her husband and two
daughters, ages six and two. Her favourite holiday? No surprise for someone who named
her production company Drama Queen: Halloween.

“Our house is known all over the neighbourhood for its Halloween decorations. I suppose it’s
the actor in me. When my daughter was only weeks old we dressed her up as a pumpkin. Right
now she’s sort of stuck in a princess zone and I was really pitching paleontologist. Then she saw
a really elaborate queen costume at Winners and that did the trick. I like to make the costumes
though. When I was a student I lived in France and they don’t celebrate Halloween there. But a
bunch of expats got together for a party and I dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, complete with
a “fl aming” crown. My kids have great imaginations. They have these elaborate worlds that they
build across the room. I love to see it. I don’t mind them watching television but, I fi gure the longer
I shield them from watching too much television, it will force them to use their imaginations. But I
couldn’t survive auditions without letting them watch it. My mom says ‘just let them watch it.'”

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2013.

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