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Astrology for kids: What to expect from Leo

astrology for kids illustrated lions on a pink background to represent Leo zodiac sign

Born between July 23 and August 22, Leo is a fire sign that is big-hearted and loves to be the center of attention. 

Firstly, Leos are not shy. Straight out of the womb, they will be keen to put on a performance. Their entry into the world may even be legendary. You might be able to point a Leo out by their fearlessness and desire to be front and center, from eagerly raising their hand in class to posing for a million selfies. 

Leos are more than attention-seeking, though, they’re very affectionate, which tracks since they’re the sign of love. The attention comes naturally, too, because people will be drawn to a Leo’s charisma, charm and boldness. They’ll challenge you to exist outside of your box and try new things with them. 

You may notice your little Leo toggles between hamming it up and putting on the dramatics, but both performances can be dealt with some form of praise. This is the formula for getting on Leo’s good side. As they grow, don’t be surprised to see a Leo eclipse their classmates making the head of the hockey team, star of the drama productions and their friend group. That’s because Leos, like the king of the jungle, are natural-born leaders. 

Expect a lot of energy from your Leo. Mars and Jupiter align in their chart, which will add a dash of spice and sometimes a temper.

When they’re not hogging the spotlight, a Leo is incredibly loyal to their loved ones. They’re generous with their time and attention, too. And as for luxury, don’t be surprised if your babe demands the finer things in life, from needing only the bougie baby food to name-brand clothes as they grow. Take it in stride, they’re just proud of their appearance. 

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