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Autumn leaves bookmark

Autumn Leaves Bookmark - Parents Canada

Hold your place in your favourite book with this autumn-inspired bookmark.

You’ll need:

fall leaves in a variety of of shapes and
sizes, pressed flat between heavy books
card stock or stiff paper
white glue
paint brush
Mod Podge
pinking shears


1. Glue your collection of leaves overlapping
each onto the card stock in a random pattern
to mostly cover the paper. Press with a stack
of books and let glue dry.

2. Paint over the leaf pattern with Mod Podge
covering the whole page. Let dry.

3. On the backside of the the dried card
stock, measure and mark a rectangle about 7
cm wide by 15 cm long and cut it out.

4. For extra strength, and to protect the edges
of the paper, glue the trimmed bookmark
to a piece of felt. Cut the felt with pinking
shears leaving a small decorative border
all around the outside edge of the trimmed
paper bookmark.

Autumn leaves bookmark - autumn leaves bookmark

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, August/September 2013.

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